Establishment of a new family (Glaucomidae n. fam.) in the holotrich hymenostome ciliate suborder Tetrahymenina, and description of a new genus (Epenardia n. g.) and a new species (Glaucomadragescoi n.sp.) contained therein.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1971
Authors:J. O. Corliss
Journal:Transactions of the American Microscopical Society

<p>As the result of accumulation of new data, generally resulting from application of new techniques, and appearance of new ideas concerning ciliate systematics in general, taxonomic revisions have often been necessitated at various levels within the subohylum. In the present case, greater and more precise knowledge about hymenostome holotrichs than was possible in the past has demanded revision of the tetrahymenine family Tetrahymenidae, rapidly becoming too heterogeneous. The part of the revision specifically treated here includes the establishment and characterization of the Glaucomidae n. fam.; of Epenardia n. g., with type-species E. myriophylli (Penard, 1922) n. comb.; and of Glaucoma dragescui n. sp., new member of Glaucoma, type-genus of the new family. The new family Glaucomidae is described as containing four bonafide genera (Glaucoma, the new genus Epenardia, and the taxonomically controversial Espejoia and Turaniella) and four genera of less certain status (Dichilum, Monochilum, Physalophrya, and Pinchatia). The genus Glaucoma, in revision, is reduced to eight &quot;good&quot; species: the type-species, G. scintillans; the new species, G. dragescui; and G. avellana, G. chattoni, G. frontata, G. intermedia, G. kirki, and G. macrostoma.</p>

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