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The Program has been authored using Macromedia “Director”. The resulting software runs on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems up to OS 10.6 ("Snow Leopard"), but both require Quicktime™ to be installed in order to see the video clips. Quicktime™ is free and can be downloaded from:-

"Director" is now obsolete and we are working to develop the key as a web-only product.  Consequently there is no longer any support for the downloaded file.

The following operating systems have been successfully tested:

  • Windows:
    • Windows XP Pro with Quicktime™ version 7.0.3 or later
    • Windows XP Home with Quicktime™ version 7.1.3 (version 7.0.3 is incompatible)
    • Windows 2000 with 264 Kb RAM with Quicktime™ 7.0.3
    • Windows vista (version not specified)
  • Macintosh (both Intel & Power PC platforms):
    • OSX version 10.4 with 768Mb RAM with Quicktime™ version 7.1.3
    • Note that OSX versions above 10.6 (lacking Rosetta) will not support the software.
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